About Us

Kentucky Aerial Photography is dedicated to only providing aerial photography. We are not a flight school, charter company or portrait studio. Some professional photographers have very little experience doing aerial photography and some pilots have little or no experience flying an aerial photography mission. Kentucky Aerial Photography offers the best of both worlds by having an experienced aerial photography pilot who is also an aerial photographer with a degree from the University of Kentucky in Mapping and Remote Sensing.

Our company's focus is to give our customers the best possible service. No other company in the Central Kentucky region has our combination of skills with the addition of having over 40 years of experience living in the Central Kentucky area. This can be a great advantage when dealing with Kentucky weather. Kentucky Aerial Photography's primary camera is a digital Canon EOS-5D Mark III camera utilizing Canons Image Stabilizing lenses that provide the clearest and most vivid photographs possible. We also use a wide array of software, most notably Adobe Photoshop CC for image editing. Kentucky Aerial Photography supports and uses local business whenever possible.

Kentucky Aerial Photography is a proud member of AOPA and the Central Kentucky BBB. Also, check us our on our social media sites.

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