What makes our company better than the competition
Kentucky Aerial Photography specializes in providing only aerial photography. Some professional photographers have very little experience doing aerial photography and some pilots have little or no experience flying an aerial photography mission. Kentucky Aerial Photography offers the best of both worlds by having an experienced aerial photography pilot who is also an aerial photographer with a degree from the University of Kentucky in Mapping and Remote Sensing. Our company's focus is to give our customers the best possible service. No other company in the Central Kentucky region has our combination of skills with the addition of having over 30 years of experience living in the central Kentucky area. This can be a great advantage when dealing with Kentucky weather.
Why do you only do digital photography
Only in the past few years has digital photography surpassed the quality and versatility of film. A digital image gives us the versatility in post processing of the images. Rarely is the image that comes out of the camera suitable for viewing and printing. To properly prepare the image the photographer has to tweak the image, this gives you, the customer, the best possible photograph. Post processing is something very few other companies do.
Digital photography offers the ability to
•Instantly view photos in the airplane to ensure quality.
•Get the images to the customer quickly (usually we can e-mail or Drop-box the images the same day they were taken).
•Using the latest software, we can enhance or correct any problems.
•Digital images will last indefinitely and do not fade over time.
How high can you fly to take aerial photos
Typical photo missions are flown between 1000 - 2500 above ground level. However we can fly up to 10,000 feet if needed. The altitude depends greatly on what we are photographing.
How low can you fly to take aerial photos
The FAA sets strict limits on how low we can fly. Kentucky Aerial Photography is always mindful of the environment and safety is our primary concern. Typically we can fly as low as 1,000 feet AGL. If a lower shot is needed (or terrain forces us to fly higher) we can compensate by using a variety of camera lenses
What type of equipment do you use
Kentucky Aerial Photography's primary camera is a digital Canon EOS-5D Mark III utilizing Canons Image Stabilizing lenses that provides the clearest and more vivid photographs possible. We also use a wide array of editing and noise suppression software, most notably Adobe Photoshop for image editing. Kentucky Aerial Photography supports and uses local businesses whenever possible.
What are your rates
Every job is different so please contact us with your request and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate. Since we are based in the central Kentucky area, we can quickly reach many locations in Kentucky. Please call for a price quote.
Can you also print the images for me
YES. We do print images if requested. Typically we print 8.5 x 11 color images. We can print as small as 4x6 to 13x19 in house. We have provided customers with larger custom sizes. If you have a specific request, Please contact us for a price quote.
What are some uses of aerial photos
Businesses – A picture of your property and/or building or new building sites.
Residential – A picture of your home and property.
Air-to-air photos – Aircraft owners; an in-air picture of your airplane.
Accident investigation – Dangerous intersection? Call and we can provide you with an aerial photo for your court case.
Who legally owns the rights for the aerial images
All photos are owned by the client. We are unique in the industry; we give all rights to the photos to the client. Other companies retain the rights of the photos you have paid for and charge you a copyright fee for you to use your images. Kentucky Aerial Photography believes that once the customer has paid for their photos, they should have full control of the use of the images without having to pay additional royalty fees. In fact, we can only provide images to others with written permission from the original client.

Kentucky Aerial Photography is a proud member of AOPA and the Central Kentucky BBB. Also, check us our on our social media sites.

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